Cafe & Resort Umbrellas


Sizes: 2.0m  – Square, 2.7m  – Octagonal, 3.0m  Square, 4.0m  – Octagonal.

A Cafe & Resort umbrella can add aesthetic value to your restaurant or outdoor dining environment, as well as helping you maximize the usage of space at your disposal. A café umbrella or resort umbrella of impeccable quality that’s made of top-class materials will withstand wide and varied climatic conditions.

At SHADOWSPEC, our exclusive range of commercial outdoor umbrellas that are available in various sizes, shapes, colours and design can be the ideal products for your outdoor spaces. We can even customize them to fit your specific business needs with printed logos to promote your brand value and stand out in your customers’ minds. Whether its a commercial outdoor umbrella or café umbrella, the vibrant colours and diverse designs along with the high-grade fabric can let you maximize space in your outdoor spaces and make them feel comfortable and inviting.

Product Features

  • Simple and easy to open and close
  • Heavy-duty pullet system
  • Commercial grade pulley rope
  • Glass-filled nylon high-performance hubs and brackets
  • Marine grade anodised aluminium frame and pole
  • Stainless steel fastenings and components
  • Commercial strength pole: 38/48mm diameter, one-piece pole with 2.5-3.0mm wall thickness
  • Custom branding available
  • 4 year frame warranty

Fabric Colours

Fixing Options

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Delivering a full service experience with our quality shade umbrellas.

After much consideration and ‘shopping around’ we had our umbrellas installed by Mark at Umbrella Paradise. We were/are extremely happy with the quality if their product, price and above all the friendly and professional customer service offered. We HIGHLY recommend this business and would not hesitate to recommend this quality product. We now have shade all day long around and over our pool and the best part about it is that we can move/adjust the umbrellas to our like and needs. And they neatly tuck away to use minimum space when not in use.


Adriana P