Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers Umbrella Paradise’s treatment of your personal information and details that may or may not be collected when you submit a subscription request or request information via email. Other than the information requested in our online forms no other information is collected from visitors to our web site (

Our privacy policy does not apply to the practices of other companies advertised on the web site, or otherwise listed, on our site nor does it extend to people or companies that we do not employ or manage.

We will collect minimal personal information when you request a Subscription or submit an email request or join our web site. The only information collected in these instances is your First Name, Last Name and Email address and phone number for business contacts and quotes.

To date we have not used email address or personal information from subscribers for any other purpose: however, we reserve the right to deliver notices to subscribers regarding changes or updates to the our web site or services that are offered. Currently we have no intention or desire to share your personal information with any third parties either now or in the future.


We can process your payment by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal. We will organise payment with you once we receive your order. Please note we will not commence manufacture of your order until payment has been received and successfully processed.