Projects – SU6 Mulgrave Vic

Sizes: SU6 2.5m Square X 3

Client was looking to provide an external dining area with lighting, heaters and drop curtains. After approaching several providers we were approached to provide the necessary requirements. Initially the client was seeking a battery supply to run the lighting; however, our system will not be ready for several months.

Our Shadowspec SU6 can be supplied with LED lighting but a power supply is required. From a heating prospective we needed a small unit weighing  2 -4 kilos that could be attached to the umbrella frame.

Client decided in the SU6 2.5m Uno [single canopy] spaced appropriately to cover the area in question. Gutters were made to order to cover the larger space between umbrellas – normally 150mm these were made to 550mm.

A local electrician was organised to arrange the power supply and hard wire the lighting and heaters.

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