Projects – Shadowspec Retreat – Murrumbeena Vic

Wall Mounted Umbrella

Client was looking for shade over their recently purchase spa [yet to be installed] and was looking at a Shadowspec Serenity 2.5m Octagonal Umbrella: however, once installed and required pool fencing installed there was limited space to put the Serenity. Client then decided to purchase a 2.7m Hexagonal Retreat wall umbrella with the option for a 2nd unit if required.

The Retreat’s main feature is that it is wall mounted or on a  vertical pillar/post and can open once in the air thus avoiding surrounding items.

In this case this unit was installed to gain greatest coverage from the afternoon sun which provides the most UV damage. By late afternoon the sun disappears behind neighbouring homes and trees.

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Delivering a full service experience with our quality shade umbrellas.

After much consideration and ‘shopping around’ we had our umbrellas installed by Mark at Umbrella Paradise. We were/are extremely happy with the quality if their product, price and above all the friendly and professional customer service offered. We HIGHLY recommend this business and would not hesitate to recommend this quality product. We now have shade all day long around and over our pool and the best part about it is that we can move/adjust the umbrellas to our like and needs. And they neatly tuck away to use minimum space when not in use.


Adriana P