Projects – SU4 Frankston South Vic


The Shadowspec SU4 cantilevered Umbrella that tilts and rotates to protect from the heat as the sun moves throughout the day.

The SU4’s were installed on a rear deck in Frankston South Vic for greatest affect.

The two umbrellas were positioned to block the afternoon sun but allows one to swing over the BBQ while the other can rotate around over one end of the pool.

Canopy colour chosen by the owner is Egg Shell.

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Delivering a full service experience with our quality shade umbrellas.

After much consideration and ‘shopping around’ we had our umbrellas installed by Mark at Umbrella Paradise. We were/are extremely happy with the quality if their product, price and above all the friendly and professional customer service offered. We HIGHLY recommend this business and would not hesitate to recommend this quality product. We now have shade all day long around and over our pool and the best part about it is that we can move/adjust the umbrellas to our like and needs. And they neatly tuck away to use minimum space when not in use.


Adriana P